Author: Klikki Ahvatis

Great Little War Game

Klikki here, reporting from Riga. Great Little War Game –  The name kind of says it all. It’s a shade of Great, certainly Little, really a number of unrelated battles more than a War, but definitely a Game! But for about $5 who’s nit-picking? Great Little War Game (GLWG) is a fun turned based strategy game from Rubicon. It’s easy to learn and not overly challenging. But the graphics are nice and the feel and humor of the game is a step above your average “made-for-mobile” game. Playing involves moving your cute little soldiers around the small little maps...

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Pokémon Go and the Dead Body

Gamesters, I have not played the new Pokémon Go game yet but it looks hell ‘a cool! This new style of gaming uses GPS and satellite imagery to send you on a virtual treasure hunt. Today the stakes of this game got even higher when Shayla Wiggins of Riverton, Wyoming who is 19 was out playing the game. The game said that there was a hidden Pokémon in a town reservoir. She climbed the fence to get the prize but was rewarded with a dead body instead. The police are saying that it wasn’t foul play and most likely suicide....

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Telltale Games Pop Culture in Your Gaming

Everybody has a favorite movie, TV show, or adult comic book. If you want to relive, extend, or play a more active role in your favorites then you should check out Telltale Games. The company is a small but staffed with very experienced designers who created their company after a shake up at LucasArts. They started back in 2005 with a Texas Hold’em game. It wasn’t until they made some episodic type games based on the comic Bone that they really fond their stride. After that they partnered with Ubisoft to produce a series of games inspired by the TV series CSI. They really...

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Gun Control Solved

First a confession. I wrote this article so that I had an excuse to Google “skanky women with guns”. (and believe me girls, I chose the ‘classy’ one’s.) With that confession out of the way I may well have stumbled on America’s solution to it’s “gun control” debate. Like most solutions it is a compromise. This means that everybody is going to have to adapt their routine a bit. My 3-rule solution is simple: Everybody (18yrs or older) can buy any type of damn guns that they want. All guns (while not being used) have to locked up in...

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Game Review: Fairway Solitaire

Card games are not my style I don’t like simple games like Solitaire in general, but sometimes your bosses insist. So I was requested by some of the over 40 editors to review this game. So I will stop working on my San Diego Comic Con costume and play a game I wont like for a few hours. Fairway Solitaire is made by Big Fish Games. That is a good sign because they are a creative company with a wide range of diverse titles. Fairway Solitaire is a lot like Spider Solitaire or UNO, cards can be played off the screen by paying...

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Valiant Hearts

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a fantastic point and click puzzle adventure based in WW1 Europe.   The story is told from five different characters, each with their own background, motivation and story line. There is Karl the unwilling German solider looking for his French wife. Old Emile the Cook and Karl’s father-n-law. Anna the headstrong Belgian Nurse. An American named Freddie who has enlisted with the French forces. Then there is the dog who crosses all of their paths and is the actual star of the game.     Each character follows their own unique story line...

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Risk (with benefits)

Remember the evenings playing Risk with your buddies. The chips, canned beverages and camaraderie. The excitement of conquest and the agony of betrayal. The inevitable fights, long hours and eventual stagnation and dwindling interest as players were eliminated and relegated to hours on the couch. Now you can re-live all the best that Parkers Bros’ Risk had to offer without the loss of hours of you life and damaged friendships. Lux DLX is a mobile/tablet friendly version of your favorite Politically Correct War game. If you remember Risk (as I assume that you do) then there is practically no...

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Darkest Dungeon

Summary: In this Lovecraftian turn based dungeon crawler you train and equip adventurers with various skill sets. Combat is turn based and relatively easy to learn, if hard to master. Death is permanent and a battle can turn on a single event. The sanity of your characters is as important as their physical health.   Let me be clear, DD is not your friend. If you are a casual gamer looking for a “good-time” challenge then this game will grind down your spirit and spit in your face. The game can be seemingly unfair and forgiving.   If I...

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Borderlands (the whole lot)

If you are a gamer then you have heard of Borderlands and the subsequent follow ups Borderlands 2, Borderlands the prequel sequel and numerous add-on campaigns. So Gamer, just enjoy the pictures!     If you, however, are a not familiar with the Borderlands games (and you like games) then this is, without any doubt possible, the second best Co-op run around and shoot the crap outta shit game that you will ever play.       Based roughly on every apocalyptic science-fiction game/movie/book ever made, and then dashed in a healthy dose of Roach Warrior, you play one...

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9 innings baseball

Real players, Full seasons, Build your own team Part baseball manager part baseball game 9 Innings Baseball is tons of fun. A free download for IPod or Android. I have never seen this game featured on any best of list or trending list, so I decided to talk about it here. 9 innings Baseball will keep you coming back and waste tons of your valuable time. There are monthly challenges, Trivia and more.   Collect stars and points to grow your team. Equipment cards give your players the edge. Play Regular, Friendly or Homerun modes. The game can take...

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