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A Beginners Guide to Black Pete

…and why the Dutch can’t cope   In the beginning The original Santa Claus is the less jolly  Saint Nicolas (Sinterklaas) of Holland. Based loosely on the historical figure of the 4th Century Bischop of Myra (modern day Turkey) Saint Nicolas comes to the Low Countries on the 5th of December by way of Steamboat from his new home in Spain. All good so far right? “Delivering all those gifts all alone must be hard work?” thought primary school teacher Jan Schenkman in 1850 when he penned his childrens book “Saint Nicholas and his Servant” (Sint Nikolaas en zijn Knecht). This is...

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TWD just called you Stupid (again)

Hey remember this episode! TWD thinks we’re stupid, and they are probably right. I’m happy that Badass Carol and Crazy Killer Morgan are back. We’ve all assumed that this would happen at some point, so it comes as no surprise. Conveniently it will be happening right in time for the season final. I can live with that type of predictable writing. It moves the story forward at a pace complimentary to the seasonal format. What I can no longer live with is the show-writer’s reliance on my assumed total stupidity to achieve their ends. 

TWD is a fantasy show that “works” at a human interest...

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A Dutch Blueprint for rebuilding American Liberalism

Is Liberalism dead in America? A lot of pundits are currently expounding this belief. Personally I don’t think that American Liberalism is dead…. just homeless. The last time that American Liberalism was truly “great” a Hershey Bar cost 5 cents. Since FDR, Liberalism in America has been on a slow decline. McCarthyism and the “Red Scare” partially contributed to it’s decline by rallying the “Flag-waving, Chevy-drive’n, gun-loving, God-fearing” sector of American Voters against the concept of Liberalism as a form of Socialism. Liberalism got a lick of “Sissy Paint” during the Peace and Love of the 60’s. And out...

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It’s the Establishment Stupid.

The majority of my Neo-liberal friends (most of whom who live in blue culture-bubbles on both coasts of United States) are lamenting alleged sexism, racism, fascism and other forms of “Nasty” in their Politically Correct “whining du jour” way. Yes, racism still exists in America. Yes, the Racists and Misogynists of America probably did vote against Hillary and Obama before her; as they would have probably voted against any Democrat candidate. And Yes, Donald Trump is no sweet talkin’ Boy Scout when it comes to social taboos and “delicate” issues. But my Neo-Liberal friends are off target. Pointing fingers...

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*Although I did not vote for him I want to start by extending my congratulations to President Elect Donald Trump. And to wish him luck and my support in his dream to restore American Greatness. This because I respect Democracy. And that’s how adults act. Fans (and haters) of my articles are well aware that I have been relentless in my criticism of HRC’s candidacy. Not because of her skills or aptitude as a politician, but for her weaknesses as a candidate. Hillary has terrible charisma, is disturbingly secretive, and carries years of baggage. Hillary isn’t trusted by the...

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The Biblical Brilliance of Trump’s Locker Room Defense

Before I get started I just want to cut off any Feminists or Hillary Fear Slaves who came here to attack me for defending The Donald. Save your “P’s” and “C’s” for someone else. What Donald said was crude and insulting (yes, to most men too). This article is not a defense of the man or his words. It is about the absolute brilliance of his defense, which ranks up there with some of the best and most effective doozies ever used in or out of a court of law. The “I didn’t inhale” defence (Obscurum per Obscurius) The...

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9 Steps to a Better Life (7 of 9)

Drink * …and no, I ‘m not talking about water. Although you should drink that too. My Reasoning I’m talking, of course, about drinking alcohol. People have been drinking alcohol forever and it is safe to assume that it has done more to shape history and society than any other single product. There is simply no other easy way to say these next words. People who don’t drink are bold-deceivers. They are bold-deceivers because they refuse to engaging their fellow mankind on an equal and honest playing field. Lot’s of people who DO drink are assholes. But drinking doesn’t...

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The One-Party System

A lot of Neo-Liberals (including the Current POTUS) are clamoring that a vote for a Third Party is a vote for the “other guy”. I find it strange that the opinions of people that I once had some respect for are now meaningless to me. Perhaps the problem for me is that many Americans either don’t understand or don’t like Democracy. Or in the case of the Neo-Liberal, not when it is inconvenient. Let’s take their argument to to it’s logical conclusion? Is not a vote for the Second Party also taking a vote away from the First Party?...

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Dolly Eyes, Damn Girl!

Word151 is not a medical blog. Nor do we endorse products in general. So I hope that the reader will keep this in mind when I talk about the newest trend making it’s way into America from across the Pacific. I have no idea if these things are dangerous. So before trying them please consult a medical professional. I am referring, of course, to Dolly Eyes™. The rage in Asian that you can easily order for $20 to $30 online (in either prescription strength or purely decorative). I am not a doctor. Or an eye specialist either. But I...

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9 Steps to a Better Life (6 of 9)

Role-play (as a coping mechanism) * Not the sex game thing or the D&D type of role-playing. While these are both good and healthy I am talking about role-playing (acting) as a means of getting through the day. My Reasoning Most days you will be presented with situations that fill you with trepidation or uneasiness. Job interviews, chats with “unpleasant” work colleagues, getting pulled over by the cops, interactions with strangers on public transportation, dinner parties with the in-laws… Instead of compromising who you are as a person to survive the unending demands of these social encounters, it is...

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Mommies, don’t let you babies grow up to be Truckers

When I was a little boy we all wanted to become Truckers! Or preferably, the Burt Reynolds guy that drove the Bitchin Pontiac TransAm out ahead of the Truck to draw off Smokey. All dreams die. Time for some sad news. Fossil Fuel consumption is on it’s way out. It’s going out kicking and screaming because a lot of the most rich and influential countries have based their economy on it. But out it will eventually go. With it will go the “roaring” Kings of the Road. The Delivery Vans, Freight Trucks, Lorry’s, Road-Trains, 18-wheelers… or whatever your brand...

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The Empress’ New Clothes

There’s something awfully suspicious with HRC’s health? But, like the Empress’ new clothing, the townsfolk don’t want to notice the obvious. So I guess it’s up to this little boy again… Most of my Neo-Liberal friends seem oblivious to various incidents of strange behavior by their candidate-Du-jour. Their instantaneous rejection of anything not following the “official party line” as reported by the Corporate media is reminiscent of the dogmatic denials of the Christian Right Wing Republicans of my youth. Anyone suggesting otherwise is instantly labeled a “Right-wing Agent” or a “Conspiracy Theorist”. Anything claimed by the other side is...

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* The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and most probably, but do not necessarily, reflect the position of Word151.

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