Author: B.S. Ludlow

Misunderstood Symbols (Part 1)

Symbols are power. Due to this, there should be a library due date on their meaning. It’s okay to check them out. But you have to bring them back undamaged so that other people can enjoy them. The Swastika   Also known as a Gammadion Cross this rather benign symbol has been used throughout the centuries as far back as the Neolithic period. Geometrically pleasing and aesthetic many different cultures throught history have used it for both decoration and as a symbol of prosperity.     Although it continues as a religious symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism it’s meaning...

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Bernie Sanders – The Pie is not in the Sky

American Politicians and Media have to stop claiming that Bernie Sanders platform and agenda is Pie-in-the-Sky Stuff.   Pie-in-the-Sky is things like “Every American will be happy and successful” or “No new taxes” or “We will genetically manipulate our dogs to do our tax returns”. (That last one would be pretty cool though!)   The “things” that Senator Sanders is advocating are considered pretty normal in most civilized, industrial countries. The happy, healthy and well educated Northern Europeans have taken his “pipe-dreams” for granted for more than a generation. In Holland they call it “today“. Even some non-European countries...

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The Dressmaker

  This Dressmaker is so much fun to watch It is hard to understand why it has been ignored. Hands down Judy Davis gives the best supporting actress performance of the year. Kate Winslet in the lead in does a much better job than the derivative Steve Jobs. No points against Aaron Sorkin.   I wish people really spoke in Shakespearean soliloquies.     The Dressmaker is a story of redemption, a story of forgiveness and a story of the Scottish play.   In short its very hard to describe but its funny and dramatic a great date movie...

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Part of the French West Indies, Guadeloupe has it all: rain forests, waterfalls, sandy beaches and charming villages. As a holiday destination it is almost unknown outside of France. Which makes it a great place to get away from those annoying Yanks, drunken Brits and too good looking Scandinavians.       The main island is actually two islands (Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre) that are connected by a isthmus. Now the location of the Island’s main ugly city and horrible traffic jam, Pointe-a-Pitre.     The island is small but you can get around it in a day. Driving can...

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Why Hillary will NEVER be POTUS

Hillary Clinton will not be the next POTUS for one simple reason.   People do not trust her. It’s just that simple.   I don’t trust her, you probably don’t either. That’s just a guess, but a safe guess because the majority of American’s don’t. (56% and rising since the last poll.)     Personally I think that she is driven by power and selfishness. That she wants to be POTUS as badly as Gollum wants his precious. And that she would go to any ends to achieve her goal.   We can argue this point or go back...

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Bladerunner (Director’s Cut)

If there every was a movie that had “atmosphere” then it had to be this Futuristic Film Noir exploration of what makes us human. Packed with stunning visuals that still hold up today this stylized masterpiece asks the most basic questions; why are we here, where are we going. Dekkard is a member of a unique police unit (Bladerunners) tasked with finding and eliminating artificial humans known as replicants. When a group of these artificial humans return to Earth with questions Dekkard is forced out of retirement for one last case. At the time of it’s release the studio...

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