Author: B.S. Ludlow

Soup Line Politics Cheat Sheet

Irregardless of whether The Liar or The Blowhard become the next POTUS, there’s a good chance that many Americans will soon find themselves standing in line at a Soup Kitchen. So deplorable is the direction of the country is taking. In general American’s love to talk about politics. And what better way to pass time in the Soup Kitchen line than to bitch an moan about the political system that got you there int he first place. The problem with Americans discussing politics however is two-fold. Few of them understand it very well and most think that they do....

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9 Steps to a Better Life (5 of 9)

Step#5 – Always make a copy My Reasoning This is an easy one to do once you get into the habit. And I’m not talking about just backing up your hard drive. *Although you should definitely go do this right now if you haven’t! Back up every thing that you own. Your passwords, your digital records, bicycle lock combinations, your mobile phone apps and settings, your house keys, your passport. Back em up! I know that it takes a little time and effort. Also, you should never backup stuff when it costs you more than that thing is worth....

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9 Simple Steps to a Better Life (4 of 9)

Step #4 – Don’t Work Unpaid My Reasoning: *I’m not referring to volunteer work or helping out a friend or stranger. I’m talking about working “over-time” for your boss or company without a wage. It’s a cut throat dog-eat-dog world out there in the job market. And only a few will survive. Unless you were born rich there is almost no chance that your will ever become rich without a piano full of luck getting dropped on your head. Often people try to work “late” to impress the “boss” and (maybe) earn a raise or promotion. Working your ass...

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9 Simple Steps to a Better Life (3 of 9)

Step #3 – Sell you house before you want to My Reasoning Selling your house is probably the most stressful “sale” that you will ever make. Odds are that your house is the most expensive thing that you own. You’ve likely sunk a large portion of your finances into it. Not only does it hold and protect your worldly possessions, but you and your family as well. Also, once it’s sold, you have the additional stress of finding and moving to somewhere new to keep your stuff and family high and dry. You may really like your house, or...

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9 Simple Steps to a Better Life (2 of 9)

Step #2 – Don’t make “to-do” lists My Reasoning Nothing says “cluttered mind” like a bunch of Post-It™ it notes stuck to the desktop. I’m not talking about marking birthdays or vacation dates on your Kitchen Calendar. Nor am I referring to the friendly game of top-10 lists. Hey guys, who is on your top 10 hottest girls in the world list! I’m talking about hastily scribbled to-do lists on the edge of your morning newspaper to get you through the day. You are scribbling down check-lists because your mind is exhausted, not because you are busy. What you need...

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9 Simple Steps to a Better Life (1 of 9)

Step #1 – Always Skip Editions My Reasoning: The world is run by the greedy monster of Capitalism. This Beast demands consumption. Learn to recognize your own hunger, and ignore his. Buy, buy, buy! Make sure to buy the newest gizmo or fashion accessory before your neighbor gets it first. Should you not adhere, advertising and marketing propaganda will use shame and insecurity to make you feel bad about yourself. This propaganda isn’t even directly aimed at you. The Beast casts a broad net that ensnares all.  Your peers, entrapped within the net, will pressure you to comply as...

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Green Liberty

If Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party aren’t allowed into the National Debates they will not receive the necessary media attention to have any shot at the Presidency. If they are allowed into the Debates their slim chances vastly increase. Considering the disgusting alternatives afforded to the American People a 3rd Party may actually have a shot this year. The Commission of Presidential Debates enforces a minimum of 15% poll average to get a spot on the Podium. And they do this to preserve the Two Party system whom they serve. Despite...

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Welcome to Liberty Land

I’ve got a few friends who consider themselves “hardcore” Libertarians. When I say hardcore I mean Jefferson (N. Calif) Liberty, no Guv’ment, Gun from dead cold finger kind of Libertarian. My Commie-Socialist arguments about the origin of their sewer systems, water purification plants and snow plows fall on their deaf ears. I don’t blame their sentiments. America government is the stooge of big business and Washington DC is a Roach Motel™ for tax dollars. “Taxes check in, but they don’t check out!” It’s hard to push a “Daring-Sharing-Caring Society” when times are so cold. Then I discovered the Valhalla...

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A World without Hillary

Shouting  “I told you so” won’t help now, it’s too late. News for my (mostly ex) Neo-Liberal friends; Hillary is going to lose the election. She is going to lose because she is a liar, untrustworthy, cold, unlikeable and in the pocket of big money. It’s not because she lacked campaign finances or backing. Or that she had an “unfriendly” media. Nor did she lack a political machine that (almost certainly) did their best to “fix” the nomination. It’s not because she is a woman either. That knife cuts both ways. And she is going to lose Trump. Who...

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Monsterous mistake in Stranger Things

With the risk of never getting layed again, I am releasing my inner Nerd with full-geeky bezerker rage to point out a critical mistake in the surprise summer hit of 2016, Stranger Things from Netflix. So horrible is this mistake that the show just got more painful to watch every time the opening scene was referenced or revisisted. Stranger Things(ST) is corny a mash up of a few of 80’s films (E.T., The Goonies, Stand By Me, Close Encounters) covered in a blanket of 80’s nostalgia and benefiting from a slotting in the “deadzone” between Game of Thrones and...

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Stupid Overpopulation

Overpopulation, is it a problem? That depends on your perspective. Claims of overpopulation have popped up off-and-on for centuries. The concept of overpopulation originated in England in 1798 with the book Essay on the Principle of Population by Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus. His theory was based on the fact that food production increased incrementally, while people reproduced exponentially. Malthus’ theory was picked up and expanded in 1968 by Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University in his book The Population Bomb. Ehrlich claimed that excessive human reproduction had already overwhelmed the planet and that it was only a matter of time before...

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Third Party Anecdote

A simple example that even the most childlike minds of America should comprehend. Trust me, you do have a few… The de facto scare-tactic of the BIG Two Political Parties in American has always been to portray a third party vote as “wasted” or “stupid”. This is Argumentum in Terrorem, an argument out of fear. The real Fear here is that they will lose their Coke/Pepsi monopoly on power, profit and thought. If you chat “politics” this political season you will soon be presented with “seemingly” convincing arguments regarding the “wastefulness” of a third party vote. Bored of these...

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