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Thoughts of an X-Dem

For me, the Democratic Party gave me 4 reasons not to vote for them. 5 actually if you accept the premise that they’re more in bed with Wall Street than the GOP. Character issues are a complete wash. Trade is a complete wash. Economic issues are a complete wash. Even religious extremism now is a complete wash. The religious right has faded into obscurity in recent years.  Meanwhile Democrats apologize more for Islam than a “young earth creationist” apologizes for the Bible. Its a joke. You know something is seriously wrong when fucking Ted Cruz makes more overtures to...

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Yes, I really did purchase the Brady Bunch box DVD set

I admit it. I really did purchase the entire Brady Bunch series 20 DVD box set which arrived yesterday.   Before you laugh, I must say it was incredible watching my two young children thoroughly captivated by the show. I could hardly peel my daughter away from the TV all day long.     The show received harsh criticism about the writing and script upon its release, but re-watching it I actually thought the writing was not that bad. Well, at times it certainly was bad and the perennial happy ending was not realistic, but my theory on why so...

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Oh what a web….

If you’re not a spider, chimpanzee or skilled slack-liner don’t try this at home.   A group of Utah based daredevil slack-liners dubbed the “Moab Monkeys” recently connected a nylon web vast enough to suspend themselves above a canyon 400 feet in the air and 200 feet across for the purpose of simply taking in the breathtaking view and BASE jumping. Video shows one member of the group falling from the slack-line before reaching the web, and then opening a small parachute before plummeting to the bottom of the canyon.     Slack-lining, or in this case high-lining, is...

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Why Lady Gaga’s Bowie tribute was terrible

While Rolling Stone and Billboard were gushing all over Lady Gaga’s self serving Elvis impersonator karaoke “tribute” to David Bowie, nobody seemed to notice actual Bowie fans pretty much universally hated it including David’s son, Duncan. Reducing who is maybe the single most innovative rock/pop artist in history to a Glee mashup is bad enough in itself, but  its painfully obvious the producers of this mess only chose her because of the buzz it would create.   Not out of any respect for David’s memory. They didn’t care Bowie most likely would not have approved of her, or that...

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Why is God good?

Why is God good?   This idea has always puzzled me. The Bible never actually says why God is good, it just insists that he is despite the fact God sanctions many things widely considered to be immoral.   If God can’t even meet a basic standard of morality, what possible reason is there to worship this God even if it did...

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