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9 Steps to a Better Life (7 of 9)

Drink * …and no, I ‘m not talking about water. Although you should drink that too. My Reasoning I’m talking, of course, about drinking alcohol. People have been drinking alcohol forever and it is safe to assume that it has done more to shape history and society than any other single product. There is simply no other easy way to say these next words. People who don’t drink are bold-deceivers. They are bold-deceivers because they refuse to engaging their fellow mankind on an equal and honest playing field. Lot’s of people who DO drink are assholes. But drinking doesn’t...

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9 Steps to a Better Life (6 of 9)

Role-play (as a coping mechanism) * Not the sex game thing or the D&D type of role-playing. While these are both good and healthy I am talking about role-playing (acting) as a means of getting through the day. My Reasoning Most days you will be presented with situations that fill you with trepidation or uneasiness. Job interviews, chats with “unpleasant” work colleagues, getting pulled over by the cops, interactions with strangers on public transportation, dinner parties with the in-laws… Instead of compromising who you are as a person to survive the unending demands of these social encounters, it is...

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9 Steps to a Better Life (5 of 9)

Step#5 – Always make a copy My Reasoning This is an easy one to do once you get into the habit. And I’m not talking about just backing up your hard drive. *Although you should definitely go do this right now if you haven’t! Back up every thing that you own. Your passwords, your digital records, bicycle lock combinations, your mobile phone apps and settings, your house keys, your passport. Back em up! I know that it takes a little time and effort. Also, you should never backup stuff when it costs you more than that thing is worth....

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9 Simple Steps to a Better Life (4 of 9)

Step #4 – Don’t Work Unpaid My Reasoning: *I’m not referring to volunteer work or helping out a friend or stranger. I’m talking about working “over-time” for your boss or company without a wage. It’s a cut throat dog-eat-dog world out there in the job market. And only a few will survive. Unless you were born rich there is almost no chance that your will ever become rich without a piano full of luck getting dropped on your head. Often people try to work “late” to impress the “boss” and (maybe) earn a raise or promotion. Working your ass...

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9 Simple Steps to a Better Life (3 of 9)

Step #3 – Sell you house before you want to My Reasoning Selling your house is probably the most stressful “sale” that you will ever make. Odds are that your house is the most expensive thing that you own. You’ve likely sunk a large portion of your finances into it. Not only does it hold and protect your worldly possessions, but you and your family as well. Also, once it’s sold, you have the additional stress of finding and moving to somewhere new to keep your stuff and family high and dry. You may really like your house, or...

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