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TWD just called you Stupid (again)

Hey remember this episode! TWD thinks we’re stupid, and they are probably right. I’m happy that Badass Carol and Crazy Killer Morgan are back. We’ve all assumed that this would happen at some point, so it comes as no surprise. Conveniently it will be happening right in time for the season final. I can live with that type of predictable writing. It moves the story forward at a pace complimentary to the seasonal format. What I can no longer live with is the show-writer’s reliance on my assumed total stupidity to achieve their ends. 

TWD is a fantasy show that “works” at a human interest...

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TWD(s6e16) – The Stupid

*** SPOILERS,  awwwww, who cares anymore?*****   This is blog about the Stupid stuff in The Walking Dead. Sadly, in this final episode, there really wasn’t any stupid stuff. At least no new Stupid.     Yes, I still stand by my previous statements that a Winnebago really isn’t the best Post-Apocalypse vehicle.       Yes, there was the bad CGI fire again.     Yes, there was another last minute rescue. Morgan saving Carol from highly motivated wounded guy.     Yes, all the main characters (sorry Gabriel) managed to get multi-ambushed over two episodes to be...

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TWD(s6e15) – The Stupid

*** SPOILERS (duh) *** Not so much stupid. Bad news for this column but good news for the fans. I will have to nitpick.   Alexandria has no communication. There is no organization except for Maggie who seems to have everybody working on defences for their totally un-defendable town. Believe me, if you couldn’t defend a Prison from one side you will not have better luck with Alexandria. People sneak in and out of that place every episode. EVERY EPISODE! Stupid.   After Carol runs off for questionable character motives, her action advances the story as 6 of Alexandria’s...

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TWD(s6e14) – The Stupid

*** SPOILERS (duh) ***   Another relatively Stupid-free episode again this week. I even saw some untended lawns and weeds. So I sense that I am starting to get through to the writers at AMC.   There were also a few nods directly to the comic although it was Denise who took Abraham’s place as Dwight’s first victim.     There was, of course, a bit of Stupid. There always is.   Everyone who has played Dungeons and Dragons knows that when the Dungeon Master would asks for a “marching-order” (basically your line-up) you put your tough fighters in...

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TWD (s06e13) – The Stupid

TWD filler episodes have sometimes been very good. Each season usually has one or two where we get to spend time with a small core of characters to get to know them better.   Unfortunately, not even the excellent Melissa McBride (Carol) could quite save this episode from missing the top marks. It wasn’t a bad episode as Maggie discovers her maternal survival rage and Carol begins to rediscover her empathy. Blah, blah, blah.   Read about it somewhere else.     Here we do the Stupid.   Leaving prisoners unguarded is stupid. Don’t do that people.   Separating...

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