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TWD just called you Stupid (again)

Hey remember this episode! TWD thinks we’re stupid, and they are probably right. I’m happy that Badass Carol and Crazy Killer Morgan are back. We’ve all assumed that this would happen at some point, so it comes as no surprise. Conveniently it will be happening right in time for the season final. I can live with that type of predictable writing. It moves the story forward at a pace complimentary to the seasonal format. What I can no longer live with is the show-writer’s reliance on my assumed total stupidity to achieve their ends. 

TWD is a fantasy show that “works” at a human interest...

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Mommies, don’t let you babies grow up to be Truckers

When I was a little boy we all wanted to become Truckers! Or preferably, the Burt Reynolds guy that drove the Bitchin Pontiac TransAm out ahead of the Truck to draw off Smokey. All dreams die. Time for some sad news. Fossil Fuel consumption is on it’s way out. It’s going out kicking and screaming because a lot of the most rich and influential countries have based their economy on it. But out it will eventually go. With it will go the “roaring” Kings of the Road. The Delivery Vans, Freight Trucks, Lorry’s, Road-Trains, 18-wheelers… or whatever your brand...

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Monsterous mistake in Stranger Things

With the risk of never getting layed again, I am releasing my inner Nerd with full-geeky bezerker rage to point out a critical mistake in the surprise summer hit of 2016, Stranger Things from Netflix. So horrible is this mistake that the show just got more painful to watch every time the opening scene was referenced or revisisted. Stranger Things(ST) is corny a mash up of a few of 80’s films (E.T., The Goonies, Stand By Me, Close Encounters) covered in a blanket of 80’s nostalgia and benefiting from a slotting in the “deadzone” between Game of Thrones and...

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Who is the Slender Man?

Stories where the fictional spills over into real life are both fascinating and terrifying. Such is the Story of the Slender Man.  The Slender man began back in 2009 as a spooky internet meme. This drawing of a tall slim man with no facial features caught on with macabre fans on the internet. Although originally created by Eric Knudsen, the Slender Man character is often viewed as an open source figure. That is unless there is significant money to be made then Mr. Knudsen is happy to remind you that Slender Man is his intellectual property. The Slender Man...

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Walking Under Ladders: Why So Many are Superstitious

I don’t walk under ladders. I’ve always told myself that it was because things could fall on you from above a ladder with a person atop. Then I realized that even if I knew the ladder was unused, I still preferred to walk around. I remember a few times on the streets of Paris being given no other choice but to walk under a ladder. Each time I would exclaim to myself after making my way,”See, you idiot! There was nothing to worry about.” So where did this start, and why are so many normally rational people superstitious to a...

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