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Iron Man Sissy Poo-Poo Panties

The days of swinging clubs, rifle-butts or bastard swords at each others heads are long over. At least in the Lands of Western Suburbia. Now-a-days the closest thing you get to a “real man” is the middle-aged suburbanite who (probably while drinking beer and eating corn-syrup enriched nacho’s with his buddies) pledges in a platonic, yet semi-homo-erotic way, his manliness through his partaking in the next local upcoming Extreme Sporting Event. 3 weeks of training and energy drinks later he is running through an obstacle-course of mud, water and low amperage electric wires under the watchful eye of trained...

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Tasmanian Gothic, Dark MOFO

While those of us on the top half of our planet are awaiting our summer months, the southern hemisphere is preparing for winter. Perhaps nowhere on the planet is winter welcomed in such a macabre way as in Tasmania, the Australian island state with a dark and gothic history. In the 19th centaury, Victorian gothic art and literature was all the rage. The criminal colonies, the isolated aboriginals of the island and thick rainforest was an even darker backdrop for the style. Mixing real life events such as cannibalism, genocide, over zealous religious reformers, and Britain’s criminal inhabitance there was no shortage...

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Time to Give Up on Americans

David Dunning, a psychologist at Cornell University, has this to say: “Very smart ideas are going to be hard for people to adopt, because most people don’t have the sophistication to recognize how good an idea is.”. Ex-patriots and those who have ever lived abroad know life is easier and happier in most other places in the Western World. The state of cognitive dissonance and inconsistent thoughts and beliefs is plaguing the once great nation. “Make America Great again” is Trumps slogan while Clinton declares “America has always been great” Satirist Stephen Colbert  addressed this paradox with his book...

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How did we get the Pantsuit??!!

At the beginning of the 20th century, women were needed in the workplace so that the men could go off and die in the great war. Pants began to be acceptable for certain jobs, but not socially. WWII helped even more plus the cinema with actresses like Katherine Hepburn and Marlena Dietrich, helped to spread the fashion. Out of the workplace it was still risqué to wear pants until the 1960s. In the 1970s woman were making some strides towards management positions the pantsuit as we know it today was born out of a desire to take the sexy out of the workplace...

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True Democracy doesn’t need a Bernie

This month Switzerland is holding a referendum on instituting a Basic Income for all citizens. Each adult citizen will receive $2,555 and about a third of that for children. This will be treated as a wage, whether you work or not. But this article isn’t about that. America is not a Democracy (yes it has some democratic elements) any more than it is a Socialism (it has some of those elements too). America is a Republic. There are, in fact, no real “true” democracies to be found among modern nations. Switzerland. however, may come the closest. That a pure...

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