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11 Day Daylight Savings Time

While most of us will spend the day recovering from our International Talk Like a Pirate Day, some of us more survivalists types will be preparing for the next big (almost) international event Day Light Savings Time or DST as it is known to people who like to name everything to sound like an STD. DST started as a concept back in 1906 in New Zealand. No, it wasn’t as many believe Ben Franklin who came up with the idea although he did speculate that rising early could increase productivity. But is losing an hour or two really that...

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3 Films to Watch while Waiting

I hate waiting. There is nothing worse in my book than being all ready to go for something and then just having to wait for something or someone to make “it” happen. It could be waiting for escrow to close, it could be waiting for payday or it could be waiting for that court date to come so you can put your enemies in jail where they belong. Whatever your “it’ is waiting sucks. One silver lining I’ve found is finding the time to clean out the list of movies you have been meaning to watch someday, but never...

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No Name for my Phobia

I have to admit I find it a little demeaning when my own irrational fear of something does not even merit an official Latin name. There is Scopophobia fear of drawing attention to yourself. Phlebotomy is the fear of drawing blood. But alas there is no fancy phobia name for my fear of drawing. In my normal life it was never really an issue. As a teacher I would sometimes draw pictures on the whiteboard to illustrate a point and the students seemed to enjoy laughing at my attempts. With my freelance teaching work drying up/ or being sabotaged...

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The Stand at Standing Rock

In North Dakota on the Native American Reservation Standing Rock there is the largest gathering of indigenous people in over 100 years. Why are people gathering? They are gathering in protest over a pipeline that is to be built just upstream from the reservation. The pipeline will run underground and across the water sources that feed the reservation and bring it life. While Native Americans are coming in the thousands to camp out in protest the corporate media including the “liberal” MSNBC is largely treating the story with disdain, focusing on the problems facing the protest or painting it in a...

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Lizard People, Psychopaths and Sociopaths are you Surrounded?

If you are an Average Jane or Joe, you probably don’t have many shapeshifting lizard people near you. Although the existence of Reptilian amongst our society has yet to be proven, believers (12 million Americans alone) seem to place most Reptilians in positions of power and authority. Psychopathy is more common an estimated 1% of the general American population is said to be a psychopath. The number surges to up to 25% of prisoners. Psychopaths feel little to no sense of remorse. They feel those who have done them wrong have brought about their own fate and deserve to be punished...

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