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3 Films to Watch while Waiting

I hate waiting. There is nothing worse in my book than being all ready to go for something and then just having to wait for something or someone to make “it” happen. It could be waiting for escrow to close, it could be waiting for payday or it could be waiting for that court date to come so you can put your enemies in jail where they belong. Whatever your “it’ is waiting sucks. One silver lining I’ve found is finding the time to clean out the list of movies you have been meaning to watch someday, but never...

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No Name for my Phobia

I have to admit I find it a little demeaning when my own irrational fear of something does not even merit an official Latin name. There is Scopophobia fear of drawing attention to yourself. Phlebotomy is the fear of drawing blood. But alas there is no fancy phobia name for my fear of drawing. In my normal life it was never really an issue. As a teacher I would sometimes draw pictures on the whiteboard to illustrate a point and the students seemed to enjoy laughing at my attempts. With my freelance teaching work drying up/ or being sabotaged...

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This Week in Collectables :Truman Capote

Many people like to collect stuff. I’ve had collections that I’ve started on my own and some that were thrust upon me. Back in the late 90’s I worked for a small French  start up site promoting art. For a while I collected frogs in tribute to the work that the site’s work for up and coming artists. That collection ended with the site although there are a few frogs left in my possessions. I collect PEZ dispensers but lets be honest that is the kind of collection that just makes other people feel sad for you. So most of my...

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STRANGER THINGS Yourself and Guess Our Movie Quotes

What you have not seen the surprise Summer hit TV series from Netflix STRANGER THINGS?!! You like 80’s nostalgia and you still have not seen it??!! If you have not seen it go watch it now you’ll be back here after a binge. Some clever internet nerds have made a STRANGER THINGS title generator. We have been playing with it all afternoon. Take a look at ours and guess where the quotes come from in our comment section and if you want to make your own you can do that...

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Great Little War Game

Klikki here, reporting from Riga. Great Little War Game –  The name kind of says it all. It’s a shade of Great, certainly Little, really a number of unrelated battles more than a War, but definitely a Game! But for about $5 who’s nit-picking? Great Little War Game (GLWG) is a fun turned based strategy game from Rubicon. It’s easy to learn and not overly challenging. But the graphics are nice and the feel and humor of the game is a step above your average “made-for-mobile” game. Playing involves moving your cute little soldiers around the small little maps...

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