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11 Day Daylight Savings Time

While most of us will spend the day recovering from our International Talk Like a Pirate Day, some of us more survivalists types will be preparing for the next big (almost) international event Day Light Savings Time or DST as it is known to people who like to name everything to sound like an STD. DST started as a concept back in 1906 in New Zealand. No, it wasn’t as many believe Ben Franklin who came up with the idea although he did speculate that rising early could increase productivity. But is losing an hour or two really that...

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The Star Spangled Banner Sucks!

Colin Kaepernick must have taken History 151. Any student of standard American High School History might have briefly brushed over the War of 1812. The only reason why this War even makes it into American History Books at all is because it produced the poem Defence of Fort M’Henry that which later became The Star Spangled Banner. Besides that, nobody really wants to dwell on the other stuff. But Word151 does! In 1812 America got their asses handed to them in a hand-basket by the English and Canadians. America was being a total douche, aggressively invading Eastern Canada with the...

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The War-forged Dutch

When people think ‘Dutch’ they tend to think: tulips, canals, prostitutes and weed, windmills, wooden shoes, cheese…. Very rarely does one think of the War. But War is exactly what forged the Dutch character. So what is the Dutch Character? Obviously that depends on your perspective… One person’s concept of International is another person’s Unpatriotic. Tolerance or Immoral
 No-nonsense or Rude Openness or Blunt One concept that is universal accepted however is Industrious. Holland (more properly the Netherlands) was founded on conflict. The Dukes of Burgundy and later the Habsburgs dominated and taxed the various peoples of the LowLands...

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Beaumarchais: Bad Spy, Good Playwright?

Perhaps you saw that movie about the real life game show host of The Gong Show being recruited as a CIA assassin. Or perhaps you have seen the new film Elvis and Nixon about Elvis’ desire to become a secret undercover agent at large. Stories like this though often treated with a grain of salt, historically have some foothold in reality. Take Pierre Beaumarchais, French inventor, musician, playwright (of which he is most famous for), and yes spy.  Pierre Beaumarchais was born into wealth but strongly rejected the idea that the bourgeois were a superior people to those with lower social...

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Puff Ain’t Dope

Remember when your friend told you that the Peter, Paul and Mary song “Puff the Magic Dragon” was about dope? Puff is obviously Marijuana. And his friend, the boy Johnny Paper, is an allusion to rolling paper. Frolicking in the Autumn mist is a reference to getting high and dope smoke. It all made so much sense back then. Especially after that second doobie. Everything your friend told you is bullshit. And the lyrics weren’t written by Peter, Paul or Mary. They were written by Leonard. Leonard Lipton, an independent film maker from Brooklyn, wrote the poem in 1959...

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