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A Beginners Guide to Black Pete

…and why the Dutch can’t cope   In the beginning The original Santa Claus is the less jolly  Saint Nicolas (Sinterklaas) of Holland. Based loosely on the historical figure of the 4th Century Bischop of Myra (modern day Turkey) Saint Nicolas comes to the Low Countries on the 5th of December by way of Steamboat from his new home in Spain. All good so far right? “Delivering all those gifts all alone must be hard work?” thought primary school teacher Jan Schenkman in 1850 when he penned his childrens book “Saint Nicholas and his Servant” (Sint Nikolaas en zijn Knecht). This is...

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A Dutch Blueprint for rebuilding American Liberalism

Is Liberalism dead in America? A lot of pundits are currently expounding this belief. Personally I don’t think that American Liberalism is dead…. just homeless. The last time that American Liberalism was truly “great” a Hershey Bar cost 5 cents. Since FDR, Liberalism in America has been on a slow decline. McCarthyism and the “Red Scare” partially contributed to it’s decline by rallying the “Flag-waving, Chevy-drive’n, gun-loving, God-fearing” sector of American Voters against the concept of Liberalism as a form of Socialism. Liberalism got a lick of “Sissy Paint” during the Peace and Love of the 60’s. And out...

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The Case for Intolerance

The Case for Intolerance Now that Donald Trump has won the US presidential election, hate and racism are said to be exposed and invigorated. But, a backlash is on its way, much in the same way that Barrack Obama inspired closeted hatemongers to organize, it is only natural that the scales balance themselves out in a new hyper tolerant type of way. Fear not however you can hold on to your hate it just will require a little more finesse. Hating people based on their race or skin color is just ignorant. Not because it is really wrong but...

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Empty Liberal Promises

So here’s a list of 23 celebrities who said that they would “Leave America” if Trump was elected President. Well, he won. So unless these people want to add to the ever growing pile of evidence that Neo-Liberals are spoiled, hypocritical cry-babies, the majority of these folks need to nut-up-or-shut-up! Unlike most American’s who are stuck in Murica these people all have the means to pack up and go. Most would probably be welcomed with open arms in many other countries due to their unique talents. Their bank accounts certainly would be appreciated. The Majority probably already have a...

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Universal Grammar and the Exception that Proves or Disproves the Rule

Universal Grammar and the Exception that Proves or Disproves the Rule   I’m a big fan of Norm Chomsky, the famous linguist who is smarter than a whole room of geniuses thinking together.  There is a problem with one of his big theories however and the solution seemed to be to make the problem go away rather than change the theory. The theory is called Universal Grammar or UG. UG states that grammar is hard wired into our DNA and despite many different languages around the world all languages share certain structure of grammar and recursion. Norm Chomsky claims...

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