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The Empress’ New Clothes

There’s something awfully suspicious with HRC’s health? But, like the Empress’ new clothing, the townsfolk don’t want to notice the obvious. So I guess it’s up to this little boy again… Most of my Neo-Liberal friends seem oblivious to various incidents of strange behavior by their candidate-Du-jour. Their instantaneous rejection of anything not following the “official party line” as reported by the Corporate media is reminiscent of the dogmatic denials of the Christian Right Wing Republicans of my youth. Anyone suggesting otherwise is instantly labeled a “Right-wing Agent” or a “Conspiracy Theorist”. Anything claimed by the other side is...

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Green Liberty

If Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party aren’t allowed into the National Debates they will not receive the necessary media attention to have any shot at the Presidency. If they are allowed into the Debates their slim chances vastly increase. Considering the disgusting alternatives afforded to the American People a 3rd Party may actually have a shot this year. The Commission of Presidential Debates enforces a minimum of 15% poll average to get a spot on the Podium. And they do this to preserve the Two Party system whom they serve. Despite...

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The Stand at Standing Rock

In North Dakota on the Native American Reservation Standing Rock there is the largest gathering of indigenous people in over 100 years. Why are people gathering? They are gathering in protest over a pipeline that is to be built just upstream from the reservation. The pipeline will run underground and across the water sources that feed the reservation and bring it life. While Native Americans are coming in the thousands to camp out in protest the corporate media including the “liberal” MSNBC is largely treating the story with disdain, focusing on the problems facing the protest or painting it in a...

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A World without Hillary

Shouting  “I told you so” won’t help now, it’s too late. News for my (mostly ex) Neo-Liberal friends; Hillary is going to lose the election. She is going to lose because she is a liar, untrustworthy, cold, unlikeable and in the pocket of big money. It’s not because she lacked campaign finances or backing. Or that she had an “unfriendly” media. Nor did she lack a political machine that (almost certainly) did their best to “fix” the nomination. It’s not because she is a woman either. That knife cuts both ways. And she is going to lose Trump. Who...

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Did Hillary Demand Huma’s Wiener Out?

Huma Abedin is a vice chairperson on Hillary’s campaign. It is widely reported that Huma Abedin is Hillay’s best friend and confidante. There are conspiracy theories out there that Huma and Hillary are lesbian lovers and I dug into these allegations but  found no solid evidence to this claim (damn it!).   Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner were once a DC power couple. Weiner a charismatic speaker, was sure to have a bright political future ahead of him. Then multiple sexting scandals were made public. Weiner used the screen name Carlos Danger, no relation to this reporter, ah ok...

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