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The Biblical Brilliance of Trump’s Locker Room Defense

Before I get started I just want to cut off any Feminists or Hillary Fear Slaves who came here to attack me for defending The Donald. Save your “P’s” and “C’s” for someone else. What Donald said was crude and insulting (yes, to most men too). This article is not a defense of the man or his words. It is about the absolute brilliance of his defense, which ranks up there with some of the best and most effective doozies ever used in or out of a court of law. The “I didn’t inhale” defence (Obscurum per Obscurius) The...

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Dolly Eyes, Damn Girl!

Word151 is not a medical blog. Nor do we endorse products in general. So I hope that the reader will keep this in mind when I talk about the newest trend making it’s way into America from across the Pacific. I have no idea if these things are dangerous. So before trying them please consult a medical professional. I am referring, of course, to Dolly Eyes™. The rage in Asian that you can easily order for $20 to $30 online (in either prescription strength or purely decorative). I am not a doctor. Or an eye specialist either. But I...

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Soup Line Politics Cheat Sheet

Irregardless of whether The Liar or The Blowhard become the next POTUS, there’s a good chance that many Americans will soon find themselves standing in line at a Soup Kitchen. So deplorable is the direction of the country is taking. In general American’s love to talk about politics. And what better way to pass time in the Soup Kitchen line than to bitch an moan about the political system that got you there int he first place. The problem with Americans discussing politics however is two-fold. Few of them understand it very well and most think that they do....

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Welcome to Liberty Land

I’ve got a few friends who consider themselves “hardcore” Libertarians. When I say hardcore I mean Jefferson (N. Calif) Liberty, no Guv’ment, Gun from dead cold finger kind of Libertarian. My Commie-Socialist arguments about the origin of their sewer systems, water purification plants and snow plows fall on their deaf ears. I don’t blame their sentiments. America government is the stooge of big business and Washington DC is a Roach Motel™ for tax dollars. “Taxes check in, but they don’t check out!” It’s hard to push a “Daring-Sharing-Caring Society” when times are so cold. Then I discovered the Valhalla...

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Distracting myself with Moby Dick

I love my kids. I have two boys and they are sure to become great people as they learn more about the world around them. This summer my conjoint (partner through civil union) just took off with my kids. As one could imagine I was frantic. I called my “wife’s” phone until her voice mail was full and my in-laws (who I suspected were with the kids) 100s of times to try to get an explanation. You see no note was left for me on the day of the disappearance and I was worried sick. About a week into...

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