The Fun

... and the games that we play.
Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.
– Dr. Seuss

3 Films to Watch while Waiting

I hate waiting. There is nothing worse in my book than being all ready to go for something and then just having to wait for something or someone to make “it” happen. It could be waiting for escrow to close, it could be waiting for payday or it could be waiting for... read more

No Name for my Phobia

I have to admit I find it a little demeaning when my own irrational fear of something does not even merit an official Latin name. There is Scopophobia fear of drawing attention to yourself. Phlebotomy is the fear of drawing blood. But alas there is no fancy phobia... read more

This Week in Collectables :Truman Capote

Many people like to collect stuff. I’ve had collections that I’ve started on my own and some that were thrust upon me. Back in the late 90’s I worked for a small French  start up site promoting art. For a while I collected frogs in tribute to the... read more

Great Little War Game

Klikki here, reporting from Riga. Great Little War Game –  The name kind of says it all. It’s a shade of Great, certainly Little, really a number of unrelated battles more than a War, but definitely a Game! But for about $5 who’s nit-picking? Great... read more

Some Notes on the Middle Finger

We can trace the use of the middle finger way back to ancient Greece. This is important to know if you are time traveling in the West and cannot speak the local language. This symbol representing the phallus has carried the same meaning through most of Western time... read more

What to Expect at The DNC Convention

Monday night The DNC takes to the stage in Philly to begin the 4-day coronation ceremony of its leader Hillary Clinton. The theme Monday is United Together. All eyes will be on Michelle Obama as she speaks about the importance of a strong nuclear family unit just like... read more

What to Expect at the RNC Convention?

The tracks are lain and the speeding train that is Donald Trump is Headed to the RNC to Cleveland for a 4 day introduction. Both Bill Maher (Real Time) and Stephen Colbert (The Late Show) will be covering the antics live. HBO’s Real Time can be seen for free on... read more

Godzilla Roared

To some Godzilla is simply an imaginary movie monster; some guy in a goofy rubber suit stomping on model cities and battling toy tanks and planes?   To director Ishirō Honda when he created the first Godzilla film in 1954 the monster represented America.... read more

Observations on the Emmy Noms

The 2016 Emmy nominations are out and looking at the list shows it was another very good year for TV. While television was long considered a lesser art than cinema, I would dare to say that it has ventured beyond. Not that it is all good. There are still plenty of... read more

Pokémon Go and the Dead Body

Gamesters, I have not played the new Pokémon Go game yet but it looks hell ‘a cool! This new style of gaming uses GPS and satellite imagery to send you on a virtual treasure hunt. Today the stakes of this game got even higher when Shayla Wiggins of Riverton,... read more

A Pat on the Limey’s Back!

Dear England, It’s been a bad week for you. First the BREXIT and then the humiliating defeat by a country populated by 300,000 people and some trolls and elves (plus whatever Bjork is). I can’t help you with the BREXIT, chaps. That was your own doing. But I can give... read more

Telltale Games Pop Culture in Your Gaming

Everybody has a favorite movie, TV show, or adult comic book. If you want to relive, extend, or play a more active role in your favorites then you should check out Telltale Games. The company is a small but staffed with very experienced designers who created their... read more

Cacophony Society

Inspired by Dadaism, Cacophony Societies are secret clubs that preform pranks in cities around America. Much like a drunken band of anarchists, Cacophony Societies disrupt the normal world and poke it in the eye. I will list some of the antics/pranks by city group.... read more

I’m Not Racist But…

“I’m not racist but…” is almost always followed by something racist. I found myself hating some people for no good reason the other day so, I want to see if I can make that sentence and not be called a racist. Here it goes: I’m not racist... read more

Tasmanian Gothic, Dark MOFO

While those of us on the top half of our planet are awaiting our summer months, the southern hemisphere is preparing for winter. Perhaps nowhere on the planet is winter welcomed in such a macabre way as in Tasmania, the Australian island state with a dark and gothic... read more