... it's not just a Major anymore.

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.
― George Orwell

11 Day Daylight Savings Time

While most of us will spend the day recovering from our International Talk Like a Pirate Day, some of us more survivalists types will be preparing for the next big (almost) international event Day Light Savings Time or DST as it is known to people who like to name... read more

The Star Spangled Banner Sucks!

Colin Kaepernick must have taken History 151. Any student of standard American High School History might have briefly brushed over the War of 1812. The only reason why this War even makes it into American History Books at all is because it produced the poem Defence of... read more

The War-forged Dutch

When people think ‘Dutch’ they tend to think: tulips, canals, prostitutes and weed, windmills, wooden shoes, cheese…. Very rarely does one think of the War. But War is exactly what forged the Dutch character. So what is the Dutch Character? Obviously that depends on... read more

Beaumarchais: Bad Spy, Good Playwright?

Perhaps you saw that movie about the real life game show host of The Gong Show being recruited as a CIA assassin. Or perhaps you have seen the new film Elvis and Nixon about Elvis’ desire to become a secret undercover agent at large. Stories like this though... read more

Puff Ain’t Dope

Remember when your friend told you that the Peter, Paul and Mary song “Puff the Magic Dragon” was about dope? Puff is obviously Marijuana. And his friend, the boy Johnny Paper, is an allusion to rolling paper. Frolicking in the Autumn mist is a reference... read more

1…. 2… 3!

Americans are always arguing what the Founding Fathers “really meant” when they wrote the Constitution. Sadly, only a very small percent of Americans has the cranial capacity, the specific historical background, and the broad knowledge of 18th century semantics and... read more

Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird Most people know not to take conspiracy theorists too seriously; most of their ideas are just downright crazy. Every once in a while, however, they get it right. It is interesting to examine how soon those conspiracies are forgotten by the... read more

Those Pagan Days

Life, as far was we know, needs water, chemicals and an energy source to exist. This is according to the best knowledge of Science. Religion’s existence, on the other hand, needs only ignorance and a monopoly on the truth. As with life, the more of these necessary... read more

FDR Played by the DNC

There has been a lot of argument recently about Trump’s slogan to “Make America Great Again!”. Much of this discussion surrounds the definition of “Great”. Is the U.S. not still “Great”, Was it ever “Great”.... read more

The FBI and Louie Louie

In 1963 The Kingsmen paid $25 to a guy with some recording equipment and a microphone. The microphone was suspended from the ceiling about the lead singers head. In that session they recorded the a cover to a calypso song Louie Louie.  Their rock cover was a mild hit... read more

Napoleon in Chains

Tyrant, Dictator, Conqueror, Mass-Murderer, Megalomaniac, these are words regularly associated with Napoleon Bonaparte, last emperor of France. Words used by the History books. The books written by the Victors. They call Waterloo a victory for humanity, but was it?... read more

I’m Black an’ I’m Proud

Roddy Doyle’s ‘The Commitments’ pays tribute to the Irish identity and their identification with the culture and music of the African American experience. “I’m black an’ I’m proud” is just one funny line and a fine... read more

The Dreyfus Affair: A Spy Story

French Intelligence knew Max von Schwartzkoppen, a military attaché at the German Embassy, was up to something. So they planted a maid to rummage through his trash. In September 1894 the move paid off when the maid recovered a hand written note ripped into 6 pieces... read more

Born on the 5th of July

As everybody knows Independence day is celebrated every year on the 5th of July with parades, fireworks and barbecues. Yes, the 5th! On July 5, 1811 seven of the ten Venezuelan Provinces rebelled against the rule of European Colonialism. Three others remained loyal to... read more

Why the 4th?

Most American’s know that the July 4th is Independence Day even though studies prove that the majority don’t know the who, when or why.  They do, however, know that it is an excuse to drink! A minority of American’s know that Declaration of... read more

The Gift of Liberty

An admirer of the Untied State’s history and constitution, anti-slavery activist Edouard de Laboulaye wanted to give a gift to the Americans cementing their relationship and commitment to friendship. He formed the Franco-American Union to aid newly freed slaves... read more