The Politics

...of dancing
It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
– Joseph Stalin

Thoughts of an X-Dem

For me, the Democratic Party gave me 4 reasons not to vote for them. 5 actually if you accept the premise that they’re more in bed with Wall Street than the GOP. Character issues are a complete wash. Trade is a complete wash. Economic issues are a complete wash.... read more

It’s the Establishment Stupid.

The majority of my Neo-liberal friends (most of whom who live in blue culture-bubbles on both coasts of United States) are lamenting alleged sexism, racism, fascism and other forms of “Nasty” in their Politically Correct “whining du jour” way. Yes, racism... read more


*Although I did not vote for him I want to start by extending my congratulations to President Elect Donald Trump. And to wish him luck and my support in his dream to restore American Greatness. This because I respect Democracy. And that’s how adults act. Fans... read more

The One-Party System

A lot of Neo-Liberals (including the Current POTUS) are clamoring that a vote for a Third Party is a vote for the “other guy”. I find it strange that the opinions of people that I once had some respect for are now meaningless to me. Perhaps the problem for... read more

The Empress’ New Clothes

There’s something awfully suspicious with HRC’s health? But, like the Empress’ new clothing, the townsfolk don’t want to notice the obvious. So I guess it’s up to this little boy again… Most of my Neo-Liberal friends seem oblivious to various incidents of... read more

Green Liberty

If Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party aren’t allowed into the National Debates they will not receive the necessary media attention to have any shot at the Presidency. If they are allowed into the Debates their slim chances vastly... read more

The Stand at Standing Rock

In North Dakota on the Native American Reservation Standing Rock there is the largest gathering of indigenous people in over 100 years. Why are people gathering? They are gathering in protest over a pipeline that is to be built just upstream from the reservation. The... read more

A World without Hillary

Shouting  “I told you so” won’t help now, it’s too late. News for my (mostly ex) Neo-Liberal friends; Hillary is going to lose the election. She is going to lose because she is a liar, untrustworthy, cold, unlikeable and in the pocket of big money. It’s not because... read more

Third Party Anecdote

A simple example that even the most childlike minds of America should comprehend. Trust me, you do have a few… The de facto scare-tactic of the BIG Two Political Parties in American has always been to portray a third party vote as “wasted” or “stupid”. This is... read more

POTUS 2016 – The Winner is the Loser

… or … What would cause an intelligent Social Democratic Progressive to vote for Donald Trump? With a conviction sharing traits of a religious zealot,  I “truly” believe that a Hillary Clinton Presidency will spell disaster for the Democratic Party and... read more

Liberal is the New Conservative

My whole adult life I have always expected a certain level of absurdity from Conservatives. This expectation is inherent by definition. Conservative is defined by Merriam-Webster as … Conservative : not liking or accepting changes or new ideas. And Life as … Life :... read more

Rejecting Rembrandt

The blood of the 13 victims of the latest flooding in Louisiana is on the hands of the politicians of both parties. And they died for no other reason than that they were poor. In 2005  Hurricane Katrina left 1,245 people dead and tens of thousands homeless. The Dutch... read more


Like any great leader, Donald Trump wants to build a wall.   There’s already a wall between America and Mexico, but it’s not a very good one. Donald, being the greatest at everything, wants to build a big, shiny, magical wall. And why not? His neighbor is footing... read more