The Things

... that shape our world.

Names and attributes must be accommodated to the essence of things, and not the essence to the names, since things come first and names afterwards.
― Galileo Galilei

Dolly Eyes, Damn Girl!

Word151 is not a medical blog. Nor do we endorse products in general. So I hope that the reader will keep this in mind when I talk about the newest trend making it’s way into America from across the Pacific. I have no idea if these things are dangerous. So... read more

Soup Line Politics Cheat Sheet

Irregardless of whether The Liar or The Blowhard become the next POTUS, there’s a good chance that many Americans will soon find themselves standing in line at a Soup Kitchen. So deplorable is the direction of the country is taking. In general American’s love to talk... read more

Welcome to Liberty Land

I’ve got a few friends who consider themselves “hardcore” Libertarians. When I say hardcore I mean Jefferson (N. Calif) Liberty, no Guv’ment, Gun from dead cold finger kind of Libertarian. My Commie-Socialist arguments about the origin of their sewer systems, water... read more

Distracting myself with Moby Dick

I love my kids. I have two boys and they are sure to become great people as they learn more about the world around them. This summer my conjoint (partner through civil union) just took off with my kids. As one could imagine I was frantic. I called my... read more

Stupid Overpopulation

Overpopulation, is it a problem? That depends on your perspective. Claims of overpopulation have popped up off-and-on for centuries. The concept of overpopulation originated in England in 1798 with the book Essay on the Principle of Population by Reverend Thomas... read more

Who is the Bad Guy?

How can you tell who wears the white hat and who wears the black hat when everyone is bad? The Clinton Media/Political Machine has been trying to discredit whistle-blower website Wikileaks. And Wikileaks has been trying to discredit Hillary and The Clinton Foundation.... read more

Hands Up and Tits Out

Your sense of modesty (most people would agree) is your own damn business. American men visiting a public swimming pool in Europe may be shocked to discover that the American cargo style trunks are not allowed in public pools. If you want to swim in these pools they... read more

Europe crushes America – Rio 2016!

The 2016 Rio Olympics are done and the torch has been literally passed to Tokyo. (Note: this is the correct use of the word ‘literally’ for all you people that use it incorrectly in place of ‘figuratively’). The medal tally is in and it looks... read more

The Edelweiss Pirates

The first The Edelweiss Pirates appeared in the 1930’s as a youth rebellion against the Hitler Youth movement of National Socialism. The groups often had different names depending on the city or neighborhood. The “Traveling Dudes” (Essen); the Navajos (Cologne).... read more

Meet the Moose in Sweden

Located in Southern Sweden 10km north of Ljungby lies the LaganLand Elk Park. There’s a petting zoo with some little goats and chicken things. Then there’s also a gift shop with moose stuff and a pretty good waffle and ice cream store.     What... read more

10 Great Swear Words in Dutch

I like swearing. I know that many people see it as a sign of ignorance, poor upbringing, or even a bad habit. To the aficionado, however, it is an art form. The truth is that swearing and cursing can teach you a lot about a culture. Not so much in what the people say,... read more

White People Aren’t Human

It’s a bit racy to say “white people”, and also not technically correct, so this headline should read: Eurasians Aren’t Human And that is technically true. They are, in a sense of the word, LESS human than Africans. Europeans, and some Near East Asian... read more

Toy Soldiers are Good (Again)

This article is just about toy soldiers and for the sake of brevity ignores the sub-genres of modelling, collecting and action figures. Toy soldiers have brought joy to kids since the time of the Pharaohs. Originally these toys were made from wood, stone or clay. The... read more

Culture Cheese

Europe is the cradle of Western society and, like it or not, the mold by which all modern culture is judged. From the ruins of Athens to the fjords of Scandinavia Europe is full of diversity. Language, culture, nature, philosophy, religion, architecture, politics…etc.... read more

FEAR 2016

The politics of fear is a powerful thing. It divides us, motivates us and takes away our freedoms. The threat can be real or imagined. Either way, Fear with a capital F keeps us in check. “People react to fear not love. They don’t teach that in Sunday... read more

A-moral Conundrum

Murica has gone and done it now, offering a choice between two of the least popular politicians in American history. Since there is no evidence to suggest that Americans will escape the “state of fear” that their media keeps them in, we will have to assume that the... read more

Non-politically Upsetting Protest Signs

Protest signs, banners and placards have been around as long as people have milled around in groups upset about something. So pretty much forever. Some historians suggest that the Ancient Romans were the first to adopt the mass use of a plank on a stick (usually just... read more

Health & Fitness is for Chumps

You can run, but you can’t hide.   We are all going to die. In a world of various opinions, ideas and attitudes this is one of the few universal truths that we all can agree on. It is certainly the most definite.   There is no denying our mortality,... read more